We’ve Got The Largest Selection Pre-rolls in Toronto!

Pre Rolls are one of the fastest growing products in cannabis because they are so convenient, and let’s face it, most of us don’t want to bother rolling joints!

We’re just too busy.

Although some people love the art of rolling, the reality is that many people are just trying to consume their cannabis without the added time it takes to roll and not to mention the mess you might make.

That’s why we’re stocked full of pre rolls at our store! We know what the people want.

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A lot of people like to ask about our high THC pre rolls and we’re happy to direct you to our high THC options, but please remember that high THC isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to a cannabis product.

The proof is in the terpenes!

So much of the experience of cannabis revolves around terpenes that it’s important to make sure you're not simply looking for the highest THC pre roll but talking to your budtender about the terpene profile that makes the most sense for you.



CBD pre rolls, sometimes also known as dog walkers, have become a huge hit because they can be a non intoxicating option for novice cannabis consumers to smoke joints.

Many people simply aren’t looking to get very high, instead they’re looking for a different experience.

CBD pre rolls can offer that because a product that has a very low THC percentage, but a high CBD percentage, reduces the chances of overconsumption leading to a paranoid reaction drastically. Many people struggle with paranoia reactions to cannabis so high CBD products tend to be a good option for those people.

Moreover, CBD pre rolls can also be high in CBD and medium range in THC, meaning that they equate to a 1:1. That means that the pre roll has an equal amount of THC and CBD in the joint, thus tampering the effects of the THC on the smoker.



Let’s face it, lots of people are looking for cheap cannabis products. Did you know that one of the most searched terms on google relating to cannabis is ‘buy cheap weed’.

We know that your money matters so Toronto Cannabis Authority likes to make sure that we stock a strong range of affordable and cheap pre rolls.

One ultra popular option in this category are Redecan Redees!



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