Vapes and vaporizes are one of the harder categories of cannabis products.

Vapes are a type of vaporizer. Plain and simple.

Using a vape, you can inhale cannabis, whether it’s an indica, sativa, or hybrid, and THC, or CBD, it doesn’t matter, vapes, or vaporizers, handle it all.

The term ‘to vape’ is slang for using a vaporizer so in reality, ‘vape’ means the actual action of using a vaporizer, meaning that the two go hand in hand.

Toronto Cannabis Authority stocks a large selection of vaporizers that you can use to vape your cannabis, which some people prefer over smoking cannabis in a joint or pre roll because they believe it’s smoother that way.



These vaporizers heat cannabis at high temperatures without burning it. The reason they do this is to decarboxylate.

Decarboxylation is the process that activates compounds in cannabis such as THC from THCA. To decarboxylate quickly, the cannabis must be heated up, hence the dried flower vaporizers!

Pax is one of the most famous dried flower vaporizer producers, with their line of award winning vaporizers having become infamous in cannabis culture. Ask one of our budtenders today about our line of PAX vapes!



The first thing to know about extract vapes is that you can’t consume dried flower using an extract vape, but you can consume extracts such as live resin, or kief, or shatter and hash. These have become popular amongst users who are looking for stronger intoxicating effects.

Back Forty is one brand that has been bringing a strong line up of vapes to market!



These are battery powered and either refillable, meaning you can buy a cartridge to attach onto it and reuse the device, or as one time disposable options, known as disposable vapes.

Although disposable vapes are popular, they do have the added concern of being less than environmentally friendly because they are one time use products and require disposal after use, whereas refillable vapes can last much longer. Disposable vapes are filled by the manufacturer with some type of cannabis distillate so that when you pull on the vape, you are inhaling the cannabis product. They can be indica, sativa or hybrid vapes with either THC, CBD, or both.

Generally, when someone is buying a refillable vape, they're buying a vape battery and then purchasing ‘cartridges’ to attach onto the vape battery afterwards.

Disposable vape batteries come with prefilled cannabis distillate inside and are a one-time-use option.



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